Fundación Chabrera

In 2001, the Chabrera Foundation (Chabrera Worldwide International Foundation) was born as a non-profit international entity aimed at promoting and disseminating the work of Manuel Chabrera Adiego, an important Spanish architect and painter whose work has been recognized for more of two decades internationally.

The Foundation also seeks to open a channel of contact and communication between artists from around the world, through exhibitions, promotion and cultural visits as well as through its art approach program called “Reciclando con arte” aimed at children and young people scarce resources. This recycling program has benefited more than 1,300 children to date and its reach is even greater with the launch of various initiatives in the field of free and open source software.

Many young artists have found a way to show their creations in some of the most important and creative cities, seeing what other artists are doing and creating friendships across borders. You can contact us in various ways: by writing a letter to Fundación Chabrera. Plaza Nueva No. 11., 41001 Seville; Sending us an email to: or sending us your comments and interests (donations, volunteering, etc.) through that email.