The Artist

Manuel Chabrera, artist

Architect, painter, sculptor, engraver … artist. Manuel Chabrera has extensive experience with various arts. The artist’s work is being recognized for several decades. This is evident in presentations, awards, solo and group exhibitions and meetings.

Immigrant parents, born in Tarragona and a child seated in Andalusia, architect and artist; Chabrera as Pollock, makes the same gesture of painting is the subject of arte.Como says Sandra Miller, British art historian “The matter of his compositions, is the result of violence of the physical act that is committed Chabrera and although paint scandalizes his observers, the result is very attractive compositions and beauty. “

“Action painting” was the name coined by Harold Rosemberg originally for the benefit of the artist Willhem de Koning and is perhaps de Kooning who provides the main reference for Chabrera paintings, but who nevertheless remains firmly and figurative level gestalt Although there are correspondences between the “abstract expressionist” or “Action painting” and staff “expressionism” of Chabrera important and there are also substantial differences. So instead of favoring the action of painting on the end result, Chabrera reversed the process prioritizing again the physical object on the concept and idea

When the European Academy of Arts, established in Leuze (Belgium), member of the same named Manuel Chabrera Adiego, did in recognition of the uniqueness in the work of this Sevillian architect it involves the conception of a space, in which play lights and volumes should be the integration of sculpture and painting.



Cities such as St. Petersburg, Mexico City, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Luxembourg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Miami, London .. and many others have been spending their work for their main halls and galleries still thousands of people witnessed their work.


List of meetings, exhibitions and awards